Hello World

Hello world!  Let me introduce myself to you.  My name is Mary Anna and I live on Hilton Head Island with my fiance and two dogs.  When you talk to my mailman he will tell you that, looking at my mail, I am an extremely active and healthy person.  I subscribe to every health and fitness magazine, belong to a gym, a Bikram yoga studio, and am constantly making purchases for new health videos and books.  Ok, now it is time to be real.  I am the farthest thing from a fitness guru or health junky.  I definitely have tried but every time I try to do something healthy other EXTREMELY important things come up, like brunch or girls night.  Like most of America I have a full-time job, bills, and outside responsibilities.  I travel a lot and I am constantly having new things pop up in my life.  I would love to have abs like Britney Spears in her prime but who in the world has the time.  On top of that how can I be a health nut and balance out the rest of my life.  Give up alcohol and chocolate for life, be real!  That is CRAZY TALK!  No more binge watching lifetime movies on my down time… no thank you (at this point and time feel free to judge me)!  On the other side of the coin I would love to feel and look great.  So how in the world am I going to do this.  Well this is what my blog will be about.  I am taking six months to figure out how to balance my life and live a healthy life style while still having a good time.

The first thing I know that I need to do is figure out what’s important to me.  I go crazy when my life feels out of balance.  I may go to hot yoga for 10 days straight and feel great but then I miss my friends so much that I end up going out with them every night for a week.  Everything in life requires balance.  I know everyone is different but to me the following 10 things are what I need to make sure I do not neglect.

1. My Health-  This means diet and exercise.  Now don’t get me wrong I am not someone who goes running for five hours and say “wow that was so much fun I had a great time running”.  No I am the girl who looks like she is about to collapse on the ground and is saying “I hate this, I hate this, I hate this…. if that person running with a smile on their face tries to talk to me I am going to use my last bit of energy to trip them”.  Yep that’s me!  That’s what I have to change!  Time to start enjoying getting healthy!

2.  My Fiance- I am crazy blessed to have an amazing fiance and it is important to me that we have our time together.  Date nights and fun time spent together is something I treasure and something I am not willing to give up.  The question that always pops into my head is, can we have a date that doesn’t involve martinis, wine and a 2,500 calorie dinner?  This is going to take some extensive research but no fear readers I am on the mission!

3. My Friends- I am such a social person!  I love being with my friends and spending as much time with them as possible.  I actually go a little nuts if I go even as much as four days without spending time with any of them.  Now like date night how do I spend time with my friends without having bottomless mimosas at brunch or margaritas, chips, and salsa at the weekly fireworks?  This won’t be easy but with my friend’s support we will conquer this task together!

4. My Family- My family does not live on the island but it is so important to me to keep in touch with them as often as possible.  My fiance and I are fortunate enough to have the best families ever who are very supportive of us.  We try to visit them as often as possible and when they are in town we always make sure to carve out time for them.

5. My Dogs- My loving boxer and lab are so important to me.  I do not want them to be forgotten in my new crazy life style.  And even now I feel guilty that I don’t get them to the beach enough.

6. My Job- I have a great job!  I am an event planner and writer.  Which means my schedule is all over the place.  It also means I can work some crazy hours.

7. Spirituality- This means different things to different people.  To me it means feeling close to God, whether at church or on the beach and taking time to meditate for myself.

8. Charity- I love giving back.  I think it is everyone’s duty to try to make this world a better place.  I always feel at my best when I am helping others.

9. Home- I wish I was loaded and could hire someone to do my cleaning and cooking.  I also wish I could win the lottery but both of these things are just fantasies, at least for now.  Like almost everyone else out there I have dirty dishes and laundry that piles up.  I have three meals a day to prepare for my fiance and I and groceries that need to be purchased.  While I would LOVE to not concentrate on this aspect of my life unfortunately that is just not an option.

10.. SLEEP- This may seem like a nutty thing to prioritize.  But I can’t tell you how many times I have tried to focus on all of the above, seemed to be doing great, but ended up being exhausted because I didn’t have enough time to get enough sleep.  Some individuals can rock out their life with a couple of hours of sleep, I am not one of those people.  I love sleep!  I can tell when I am low on sleep because my fiance will start walking around the apartment with a helmet and protective gear on.  I become one scary person when I’m exhausted!  I need somewhere between 7-9 hours of sleep a night to be content.

So wish me luck readers!  Time for my journey to begin.  I will continue to update my blog and let you know how it’s going and what I have discovered on this adventure to balance my life and become healthy.  Trust me I know this won’t be easy… MY STRUGGLE IS SO REAL!


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